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Saturday, April 14, 2012, 02:30 PM
Posted by Mistress Danielle
Hello My slaves, subs and sissys,

Mistress will be on again tonight, from 7-3am.
You are all commanded to switch on and call in, this is your chance to speak to Mistress Danielle in person.
And you dirty minded pervs won't be disappointed either!
See you later suckers,
Mistress Danielle
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This evening 
Friday, April 6, 2012, 01:41 PM
Posted by Mistress Danielle
Hello My slaves, subs and sissys,

This is just to let you know that Mistress will be on again this evening, from 7-3am. Come admire Me and above all CALL Me on the number on screen, I will be wearing My super sexy evil nurse outfit.
Any slave worth his salt won't be taking his eyes off the screen!

Mistress Danielle
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Shopping with Mistress 
Sunday, March 4, 2012, 08:09 PM
Posted by Mistress Danielle

Hello My slaves, subs and sissys,

Mistress is a very satisfied Lady right now, I am admiring Myself in a lovely new frock in front of the mirror. The bedroom floor is strewn with other, equally lovely purchases. Did I max out the credit card? Did I heck! No chance of Me sticking My hand in to My own pocket when there are perfectly good slaves with bulging wallets to take advantage off. Actually it is a great honour to accompany Me on one of My shopping splurges and be permitted to pay for whatever I wish to purchase.
That lucky slave J. had a super time with Me yesterday afternoon: First of all I made him replace a broken rubber garment of Mine, I had initially allowed him to try and repair said garment but he did such a poor job he had to buy Me a new one instead.
It only cost about 50 pounds so that wasn't too bad.
Then the real fun started: I made slave J. take Me to Selfridges department store, not exactly known as the thrifty option!
If slaves have a good eye for what I might like and what would look good on Me I will allow them to make suggestions and pick outfits for Me to try on.
In no time at all that poor slave was carrying big shopping bags for Me and had had to spend about 900 pounds on lovely dresses, tops and shoes for Me!
To top it all off I allowed slave J. to sit at the oyster bar with Me, eat with Me and buy a decent bottle of champagne too.
So slave's wallet is about a 1000 pounds lighter but I am sure you will agree it was money well spent.
He made Me a very satisfied Mistress and surely that is part of a good slave's role
Until next time,
Mistress Danielle

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Efforts Required to be a slave 
Wednesday, February 15, 2012, 10:15 AM
Posted by Administrator

For those of you that desire to be a slave to Mistress, This is to give an idea of what that is like. First I have to state that slave and submissive are very different things. Being a slave is a long term commitment and is not all about beatings and pain, it requires a real dedication serving someone and being of real help to them, the physical side is only one small part. A submissive is someone who often visits a professional dominatrix to carry out fantasy's and once the session is over goes back to whatever they were doing before.

In short over the course of a couple of years I carried out the following duties for Mistress, this is just a brief summary. Of course any slave will be expected to also provide some financial contribution.

Regular Taxi Driver (Several times a week), mostly to take
Mistress to work but sometimes on personal errands. I collected Mistress in the snow in this picture from the Webshow at 3AM. It is important not to let Mistress down if you are serving her.

Shopping to buy clothes and shoes and other things for Mistress (one of my personal occasional treats as once I have that mood I really enjoy it)

Home repair handyman, Electrics, Put up new fencing by hand from scratch with no pre-built panels (Mistress helped as was a very large job) Gardening etc in fact anything that I could actually do.

Seamstress - repairing Mistress clothes where possible.

Companion - an important role, take Mistress to dinner, drinks, Paris, New York, Sardinia and just generally being around.

I have also had the pleasure of letting Mistress practice the physical domination skills on me both in public clubs and in private.

Watch out in the future for some of the kinky dom stuff I have seen and been part of first hand, that just shows how wicked and sexy at the same time Mistress can be :-)

So would I do this for anyone else, well I can say a definite no. I learned a lot about myself in this time and gained a valued friend, and they come along rarely.

Slave J
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This evening 
Tuesday, February 7, 2012, 02:12 PM
Posted by Mistress Danielle
Hello My slaves and sissys,

Mistress will be on
again tonight. Come perv over Me between 7 and 3am.You are all commanded to switch in and
watch Me all night long and phone in to the show as well. I will be looking hot and
gorgeous in a sexy outfit so that shouldn't be too hard.
See you later losers,
Mistress Danielle
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Mistress filthy fantasies 
Sunday, February 5, 2012, 09:09 PM
Posted by Mistress Danielle
Hello My slaves and subs,

I have been bored, bored, bored with things recently and have been dreaming up ways to spice up My life.
One such filthy fantasy I fully intend to make in to reality.
In My line of work I frequently come across gorgeous, impressionable young 'ladies' who look to Me for a role model.
They wish to become an accomplished Domme themselves and can see no better example than Me.
However, I think it's only fair that there should be something in it for Me. If I am to go out if My way to educate these hot young women they will need to give something back to Me.
I'm sure you all agree..
I believe that every Domme should have experienced real submission at least once. And what better way for these young hussies to do just that then to submit to My will?
The next young woman better watch out, because 10 inch strap ons are not just for naughty slaves' bottoms!
I love getting My pussy licked and it is one guaranteed way to get in to My good books.
Watch this space because once I set My heart on something it won't be long before it actually happens.
Mistress Danielle
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